FieldTurf changes the name of its premier artificial turf fiber to FieldTurf Optimum

FieldTurf changes the name of its premier artificial turf fiber to FieldTurf Optimum

On July 11th a District Court in the Netherlands rendered a preliminary decision in a summary proceeding initiated by TenCate ordering that FieldTurf should discontinue use of the mark of its premier turf system within the European Union. As a result of the preliminary decision, Tarkett Sports will rebrand its product with the name FieldTurf Optimum in Europe. FieldTurf Optimum was designed and developed in FieldTurf’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and produced with focus on the three pillars of fiber development – Polymer, Process, and Geometry (PPG). “We believe FieldTurf’s integration into fiber manufacturing represented a significant step forward for our company and the artificial turf industry” said Eric Daliere, President of Tarkett Sports. “However, FieldTurf Optimum also describes accurately what our product has already proven to deliver – exceptional durability, resilience and grass-like softness.”
Since the launch of its own fiber manufacturing plant in 2010, FieldTurf has combined the very best in polymer technology with leading UV inhibitors and a state-of-the-art extrusion process. The cutting edge technology that FieldTurf uses to manufacture its artificial turf yarns continues to enable FieldTurf to produce fibers with exceptional split resistance and reduced degradation caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays – contributing to a long-lasting turf system for its clients. “We do not believe confusion exists in the marketplace as our turf system is clearly differentiated by its product design and third-party proven performance” stated Daliere. “FieldTurf reserves its right to appeal and is confident in its ability to win either on appeal or when the case is heard on the merits.”
Publication date : 07/12/2012
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