Tarkett Sports partners with the famous french basket-ball club Asvel

Tarkett Sports partners with the famous french basket-ball club Asvel

Tarkett Sports and the basket-ball club ASVEL, the 2009 French Champion, officially announced their partnership at the “Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales” (annual tradeshow which gathers all French Mayors) in Paris on November, 18th on Tarkett Sports’ booth. The cooperation between Tarkett Sports and ASVEL started in summer 2009 with the renovation of the club’s wood surface by Tarkett Sports’ teams in only 3 weeks! The brand-new surface was inaugurated on August 31st in the presence of Tony Parker, ASVEL club Vice President and famous NBA player. Tarkett Sports “signs” the wood surface Tarkett Sports demonstrated its know-how all along starting with the renovation of the club’s wood surface. Tarkett Sports’ goal was to provide a wood floor offering the same technical and aesthetic performances as the NBA standards, with an ultra-bright varnish. Thus, Tarkett Sports coordinated the whole renovation process: sanding, all different varnishing steps, the game lines and drying.
The varnish chosen by Tarkett Sports is the most competitive of the market. It meets the EN 14 904 European standard, compulsory for all sports floorings and also offers optimal sports performances, such as friction and durability. The logos, game lines and peripheral paints were inserted between the different varnish coats. In total, 740 sqm were renovated in a very short timeframe: only 3 weeks to deliver the wood surface which was ready for the beginning of the teams’ training sessions. A partnership which gathers 2 references Tarkett Sports has been partnering the French Basket-ball Federation for 4 years and provided several wood surfaces of the French national basket-ball championships (Pro A / Pro B). As ASVEL club’s technical partner, Tarkett Sports sponsors for the first time a professional team known at a national and European level (Euroleague). This partnership gathers two major references: ASVEL for basket-ball and Tarkett Sports for sports surface solutions. Indeed, the interest is twofold: ASVEL relies on Tarkett Group’s know-how and experience in the field of floorings and Tarkett Sports on the perfect knowledge of this prestigious club in the field of basket-ball. The goal of the partnership is to improve basketball surfaces. Tarkett Sports and ASVEL officially highlights their partnership through television, dedicated press and on the web. More than 30 matches of the French Championship and Euroleague played on Tarkett Sports wood floor will be broadcasted on French channels (Canal+ and Sport+). The company benefits from a wide visibility with an ad and its logo displayed on billboards around the surface before each game. Innovation and performance: these are the 2 major reasons why ASVEL chose Tarkett Sports. A long-term guarantee which proves once again that Tarkett Sports is THE high-level sport partner.
Publication date : 11/24/2009
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