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Tarkett Sports global presence

Asia, Europe or America,… Tarkett Sports surfaces cover the globe. Whether the sportsmen involved are upcoming junior footballers or Olympic medal-winning hockey players, all of them compete on surfaces rigorously designed to fulfil their needs.

Tarkett Sports benefits from a global understanding of what it takes to manufacture and install world class sports surfacing. With offices and experienced representatives located throughout the world, regardless of your location, you can expect a consistent level of quality and customer care from Tarkett Sports sports surfacing.

Tarkett Sports business inquiries:

France and French-speaking countries (+ DOM-TOM & French-speaking Africa) :
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Eastern Europe:
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Germany / Netherlands / Benelux :
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Southern Europe :
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Northern Europe / United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries (+ English-speaking Africa):

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Northern America:
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Southern America:
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Asia / Oceania:
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